Because some why's do have an answer. It is just a matter of being a little curious to find out.

+ Why are drops round?
+ Why are there carnivals?
+ Why are there eclipses?
+ Why are there earthquakes?
+ Why are there sharp and flat musical notes?
+ Why can you read INRI over the crucifix?
+ Why can't we sneeze with our eyes open?
+ Why do daisies lower their petals at night?
+ Why do dogs bark when a stranger is approaching?
+ Why do some plants have thorns?
+ Why do trees drop their leaves in autumn?
+ Why do we feel sleepy after eating?
+ Why do we get stressed?
+ Why do we get colds more than once in life?
+ Why do we hate noise?
+ Why do we lie?
+ Why do we sometimes miss our spelling mistakes?
+ Why does it rain?
+ Why is Easter celebrated on different dates every year?
+ Why is the sky blue?
+ Why is there evil in the world?
+ Why is there wind?
+ Why study?
+ Why women drink less than men?

Knowledge + Why?