Why do we get stressed?

Stress is a condition that makes us feel tired, tense, anxious, nervous, cold, moody, sleeplessness, with upset stomach and sweaty hands. Stress makes us feel sick, exhausted, prone to eating more or less, or taking more alcohol or drugs; it even makes puts pressure on our own teeth. Stress happens because our mind sends an order to our bodies: Get ready to fight.

Why does the body send such an order? One of the simplest and most believable explanations we have found for this behaviour is the one that follows: Progress and technology have made our daily lives very easy. Unfortunately, marketing agencies have made us believe it is easy to have a beautiful live, too. However, when we are faced with reality, we realize life is not that easy and we get scared. That is why our brains send the command: Get ready to fight.

It's not a secret that living stressed is harmful to the body. Just give yourself time to recover and rest. Life is not easy, but it doesn't have to be hell either. Keep that chin up.

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