What is Heptagrama and why I do it

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Heptagrama is a cultural website, but here the concept goes beyond what people usually think about when talking about a cultural site. I do not just talk about arts and cultural expressions here. What I want to do (and do) is to help people learn what they need to learn without all the suffering complicated theories bring us. Heptagrama is a set of summaries of verified information written in such way you could ideally learn from them without complex explanations.

Heptagrama, notwithstanding, is a work in progress. There are too many topics to cover, so expect a gradual increase rather than a full-blown encyclopedia of information. It may become that in a few years, but at the moment it is not. The 3 best things to do regarding the site are: to join the mailing list to learn the monthly news of the site, to use the contact form to give feedback or send requests, and to contact me if you would really like to share some verified reliable information about a topic. They are all free, so give them a try.

As for why Heptagrama exists, there is a background story. Everything began a few years ago when I met a headmaster. He needed some urgent help then, so he hired me as a supply teacher for a few months. I loved the experience, despite the fact I did not know much about teaching then. A couple of years later, I taught again for about a year and a half.

Although I did not learn how to teach, per se, something I really learned during those years is how a person needs to receive information in order to be able to learn from it. I learned something else; I learned how lack of knowledge could really hinder a person's ability to achieve his own goals in life. After all, I could see and experience it every day in my class.

I felt the need to do something about it, so I started small. I began to include some "cultural aside notes" in my class. It was a success. The students loved the idea. They wanted to be in class early. They asked if they could bring an extra desk when there were not any empty desks left! It was wonderful, extremely motivating... but, as you can surely guess, it was not enough. Once you waken the thirst for knowledge in a group of people, you can rarely shut it down.

After thinking about it for a short while, I started this site. It was terrible then, but it is much better now. Heptagrama works perfectly on screens, mobile devices and is printer-friendly as well, so you can enjoy it wherever you need or want.

As for the symbol, that's another story. As a matter of fact, this is one example of how things happen better than expected.

When I was planning this site, I was planning to call it Valhalla, like the Vikings' heaven. It reminded me of some animals I like very much, and it gave me the idea of dying while fighting this war for culture. The name and the symbol you see on the left side of the site are, actually, a draft. As the site was going to be called Valhalla, recalling Vikings, I wanted to use a symbol which could represent Vikings without the typical caricature of a long-bearded man wearing a helmet with horns. I tried to draw the head of a wolf, and I drew some guidelines to help. These guidelines formed the seven-point star you can see here. I searched for the name of this star and I found it was called heptagram in English and Heptagrama in Spanish. I thought "there it is, the name of this site."

I write Heptagrama with love. Its goal is to eradicate ignorance from the world, and I think it is worth the effort. Enjoy it.

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