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There is one great truth about business you cannot ignore: those who advertise sell more than those who don't.

Heptagrama knows it, that's why it makes it easy for companies to reach new people through the site. Post your banner here and see how people start visiting your web page, inquiring about your products or services and, eventually, buying from you too.

How much does it cost?

The next three advertisers on Heptagrama will pay just US$ 1.18 per country per day. Make the offer yours here.

Who and how many people will see it?

Heptagrama is seen by between 1500 (weekends) and 2500 (weekdays) people a day. Readers come from everywhere in the world, but the main readership currently comes from Spanish-speaking populations from Peru, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and the United States. Contact me to ask for more precise information whenever you want.

Heptagrama has been online since 2005, and it maintains PageRank 4 and a Domain Authority of 36 at the moment. We expect these figures to go up in a reasonable near future.

As for its target market, Heptagrama is ideal for companies targeting general public or broad market segments.

What will you get for your money?

+ Your banner is displayed on every page on the site, according to the configuration you choose.
+ You can choose to display as many banners as you want and rotate them in the system.
+ You can choose to limit the display of your banners so they will be seen both where you want (up to a city level) and when you want.
+ You can request reports as often as you reasonably like, so you can see how your campaign is performing.
+ You can adjust your campaign as you like, adding new banners, stopping the low-performing ones, or erasing the ones which are no longer useful for you.

Technical information

+ Banner sizes are 300x100.
+ Ads are displayed all the time: on the right side of every page on computers, laptops and tablets; and on the bottom of every page on mobile phone browsers.
+ The banner can be in JPG, PNG, GIF or Flash format.

Financial information

+ Heptagrama is a Peruvian website. Peruvian taxes apply, but they are already included in the price.
+ Payment can be carried out using bank deposit (Peru only), Xoom (USA only), Paypal (short terms only), Payza (anywhere) or wire transfer (anywhere), yet you will need to cover what the bank charges for receiving the money.

Don't forget the next three advertisers on Heptagrama will pay just US$ 1.18 per country per day, so make the offer yours here before your competitor does.

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