Why study?

We all hear that it is important to study, but why? There are many reasons, actually... all of them related to one another:

+ It is important because he who studies acquires knowledge.
+ It is important because knowledge is the only thing that will allow you to develop all your abilities in full.
+ It is important because what you know will help you protect yourself in case of danger.
+ It is important because those who study keep their brains healthy, and their bodies healthy too as a consequence.
+ It is important because knowing things and the underlying reasons for why they are or happen that way allows you question them, bringing progress to all mankind.

But the reason I appreciate most is this:

+ It is important because the consequence of not studying is ignorance, and ignorant people are very easy victims of both personal and social manipulation.

Don't ever jeopardize yourself to stop being a person and start being just an instrument: study. You don't deserve less than being a better person.