Why is there evil in the world?

Why is there evil in the world has been asked for generations. It has also raised a number of debates including, among others, scientific, philosophical, social and religious answers. We believe that there was a human who got close to a full answer. He was Isaac Newton. He said, "To every action, there is a reaction...."

If there is evil in the world, it is because we pay the consequences of our own and others wrongdoings. A victim of any aggression will feel sadness, desolation or any other similar feeling. This feeling will motivate him or her, either consciously or unconsciously (as it reduces his or her ability to think), to make more mistakes. Wrongdoings motivate other wrongdoings into a vicious cycle.

To end evil, two tasks need completion: You need to stop people's wrongdoings, and you need to repair the pain that wrongdoings have caused in people in order to discourage them from making more mistakes.

Knowledge + Why?