Let your own quest for the truth begin!

An owl
An owl

When you were a child, you were very curious… but, as time went by, your curiosity faded. I created this section of Heptagrama to invite you to become curious again. There is so much to learn, and there is so much joy in learning new things that whomever thinks the opposite has no idea of what he is talking about!

What this area of Heptagrama offers you is, as far as I know, verified information. Sometimes it comes from books, sometimes from professionals, and often from both. You should also be able to understand everything, not only because our writing is simple but because… well, truth is simple. The goal of these texts is to provide you with enough information about the topics listed below that it will end up being easy for you to learn the rest by yourself.

Where should you start? Well, curious people explore! My suggestion, if it helps, is to come back to this section often to see what is new. You will naturally feel attracted more to some topics over other, and that is perfect; yet do not lose the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Sections will return soon. Meantime, these are the latest articles:

Why are drops round?

Liquids form spherical drops because in that shape its molecules attract to each other with the most similar strength.

Number names in English and Spanish

Learn or review the correct name of numbers in English and Spanish: cardinal, ordinal and fractions.

Why is it important to study?

Mainly because studying allows you to learn, and learning transforms your life forever and for the better.

On how to organize your life and achieve things

Organizing your life to achieve things is not hard as long as you keep some things in mind… starting by writing and subdividing.

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