Heptagrama is an educational and cultural website


The hypershort version of a very long story

I began Heptagrama in 2004 because I was crazy enough to believe I could change the world by writing on the web, as funny or idealistic as that may sound. I stopped the project in 2011 for a variety of reasons, carrying out only minimal maintenance updates now and then.

I am retaking Heptagrama since 2022, and I admit it felt odd in the beginning. As funny and idealistic as that may sound, perhaps it is really possible to change the world by writing on the web. Shall we try?

What Heptagrama offers you

Heptagrama is a cultural website with two large areas: arts and knowledge. In the artistic section you can find works from several artists around the world, but with a plus: inviting artists to talk about both their art and themselves too, so we can all have a more complete approach to the context of their artworks.

The knowledge section has two very ambitious goals at the same time: to offer you verified information, and to give it to you in such a way you can easily learn from it. The idea is to gather on Heptagrama several sets of summaries that may take you from not knowing anything about a topic to having enough information about it to be able to learn the rest by yourself.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that we were all born with wishes, dreams and talents; and ignorance must not prevent them from thriving.

Last but not least

Heptagrama is also a company.

Sometimes, after reading this page, people have asked me whether they can help. The answer is yes, and here you can find more information on how to help Heptagrama.

Sometimes, people have asked me whether they can quote or copy sections of this site for other cultural works. The answer is yes, under certain circumstances you can find here.

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