Your children are doing this

WARNING: This article contains confessions from teenagers, youngsters, doctors and teachers that may result shocking for some individuals.

Many times parents watch the news or read the newspapers and they can't believe what they see and read... What if we told you that it may be your very sons and daughters who are doing or suffering from these silent tragedies?

What your children are doing

+ Your children are having sex. Nowadays, kids lose their virginity at the age of 15, average. First sexual experiences start since the age of 13, and they usually include oral sex and mutual masturbation. Needless to say, they are not using protection.

+ Your sons and daughters are having an irresponsible sexual life. These days, the preferred method to avoid pregnancy is the so called coitus interruptus (ejaculating outside the woman's body), followed by condoms. Teenagers do not seem to know that Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can be transmitted even with a condom, or that Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are getting more common among teenagers. Of course, most of them refuse to take an HIV test, even after a risky one-night stand with a stranger they hooked up in a disco.

+ Your boys are watching porn. An old saying reads that where there is a will there is a way. It doesn't matter if you have got a filter in your computer. Your kids are watching pornography somewhere else or in your DVD player.

+ Your daughters are aborting. These days it is easy for girls to go to a pharmacy and buy a 'following day' pill to avoid pregnancy. If that fails, they just buy another pill and abort inducing themselves her menstruation. Gynaecologists confirm that the number of appointments they attend to clean a dirty uterus (after a wrongly-practised abortion) has also soared among young females.

+ Your children are trying homosexual sex. It seems that the new age has brought more sexual freedom than what older people would have ever thought. The idea of "trying out everything" has led many teenagers to try having sexual contact with people with the same sex, starting with kisses and following with other parts of their bodies.

+ Your sons are intentionally trying to make women get drunk to abuse them later. This is considered rape in many countries, but they don't care. Some others even include small amounts of sexual stimulants to their drinks.

+ Your sons and daughters are dancing in a very sexual way. Both in parties and in discos, the way young people dance obviously resembles sexual intercourse. And it is often heard that the objective is to have their partner get aroused... for fun.

+ Your daughters are selling themselves. The disco organized a wet t-shirts contest and invited the attendees to take part in it. For Carol, who is 23 and wears a 34C bra, it was fun to let a man wet her all with a hose of cold water; and more fun to win other 80 bills after removing her t-shirt in front of all her enthusiast male audience.

+ Your sons and daughters are having sex in discos restrooms. Erik's confession speaks for itself: "I was dancing with her and we got close. And I liked to fell her body close, but then her hair started to disturb me, so I move it around her neck with my hand... When she felt this, she got closer, took my hands and placed them straight to her breasts. Of course, I thanked the gesture kissing her earlobe while letting her feel my 'little friend' closer to her butt. I felt her aroused, and she started rubbing me with her bottom. Ten songs and two drinks later, we were in the ladies' restroom... doing it."

+ Your sons and daughters are tattooing their bodies. Believe it or not, for many youngsters tattooing is not just a fashion. Tattoos are also one of the ways they have found to express their sadness, depression or loneliness.

+ Your sons and daughters are cutting and burning themselves. Some teens know that a permanent tattoo would make them ineligible for blood donation, so they draw themselves by cutting their skin successively (until finally getting a permanent scar with the desired image) or burning it, usually with dry ice.

+ Your children are posting their photographs on the Internet, so everybody can see them. And they are also placing more information about themselves than they should. Why don't you take a look at your son's or daughter's MySpace or Hi5 account and find out what they are showing to the rest of the world?

+ Your kids are drinking until total intoxication. It seems the way some youngsters see alcohol is a little wrong. They do not get together to talk with a cup of whisky or a bottle of rum; they get together to drink alcohol and they talk a little while they drink it.

+ Your kids drive recklessly or shoot weapons. Some youngsters deal with their stress stepping on the pedal as much as they can but short distances, or shooting a pistol. They say feeling the speed helps them take things easy.

+ Your kids are taking drugs. This one is perhaps the most dangerous of all the list. Your kids are not only taking drugs, they are inviting others to take them as well. The drug cycle starts like this: A consumer approaches a non-consumer as a friend and, after winning his or her approval, offer him/her some drugs for free. Just a little the first time, a little more the next one. Little by little, this new friend will try to keep the new consumer close to him, and continue providing him or her with drugs "because it is cool". Once the newcomer considers taking drugs "normal" once in a while, the inviter will start asking him or her some money to buy the next dose. If he/she gives, then he/she is in, and you have a consumer son or daughter.

The objective of this article

The list above is incomplete. Its objective is just to draw your attention to your sons and daughters and to remind you that your mission as parents is to provide your sons and daughters with a good education and intelligent ways to overcome the complicated situations sometimes life presents us. If you do not do it, your children may suffer the consequences of your indifference... and for good. Please, do not allow this to happen.

Get involved with your son's or daughter's life and, for once in your life, consider your family more important than paying the bills. The 20th century was the century mankind abandoned moral standards to achieve progress. The 21st century needs something very different, and you play a major role in determining what.

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