Women tests

Have you ever been rejected by a woman? Have you ever wondered why you cannot conquer that girl you like so much? Well, it is because a woman thinks it twice before giving a 'yes' to a man; and more when talking about marriage. If you ever thought a woman was just a member of the fair sex, actually, you were wrong. Saying a woman is a member of the astute sex would be more appropriate.

Some whys answered

If you read how women think and what women want, you should have realized that for them both security and intimacy are the most important things. Not just the world and the psychology of a woman work inwards outwards or she feels she is placing her most intimate things at stake in a relationship; a common woman is fairly sure that men are not very honest in relationships and take additional measures to test us. It is not that preconceived, indeed; but their brains can really turn a little weird, believe it or not. It is in the limit between the instinctive and the culturally learned, as I see it.

In one sentence, what every woman wants is to make sure the man in whom she trusts will not turn into her main aggressor later. Besides this, she wants to find out whether who says that loves her will still be able to support her when there is less romance and more real life. She knows children will mean enough work to ask her to carry more.

Thus, for a woman, finding a man who can be masculine before the world and tender with her at the same time is very important. His manliness will show her how protective he can be; his tenderness, how supportive. To verify it, a woman usually carries out some of these tests:

+ She will try to get to know you in your daily life. No one wants to romance with a load, so she will appreciate some independence, even to do the cleaning or other chores.

+ She will try to find out if you are polite. From so simple things like offering yourself to help with a heavy bag to more "politically correct things" like excusing if you are going to leave her for a moment alone in a formal meeting; your manners will help her feel loved and special, and that will mean some points in your favour.

Just be very careful: never exaggerate your chivalrousness to the point it stops being natural for you. When a woman notices that you are doing what you are doing just to please her, she will judge you weak and start looking for love somewhere else. Why? Because security and stability are important for a woman. If you do things that before her eyes can be seen as weakness, she will feel that you will look weak for others too and move on, even if you are the most handsome man in the world.

+ After this, she will try to dominate you, have you do what she wants or have you behave as she is inducing you to. Correct, this is slightly on purpose. She will try to dominate you expecting and hoping that you will not allow her to do it; so learn both the science and the art of how to deal with these situations without losing your manliness or becoming aggressive; or use it to play with her a little, as I do. You will not be under a test all the time, so there is no use in behaving defensively either. Never forget you also play in a relationship.

Some other women have additional tests, but they generally appear when the couple starts talking about marriage or when you both see the relationship is getting more serious. For example:

+ She will try to make you drink to find out if you can get either physically or sexually violent when intoxicated.

+ She will pester you annoyingly, provoke or humiliate you to find out if you can insult or hit her when furious... or get resentful.

+ Or she can ask you to go along with her to a very dangerous neighbourhood to find out if you are afraid of facing that kind of situations or to abandon her in a difficult moment.

Take for granted that if you pass these tests she will be yours as long as you want.

Now, if you are curious about why they come up with these tests, the answer is easy: A woman needs to trust her man to release her complete femininity, become sexual or risking herself to become pregnant without feeling vulnerable or at risk afterwards. A woman is always ready to sacrifice everything for her children sake, and she feels it is fair to make sure she will not be abandoned when she most needs to be supported. That's why she tests you.

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