What women want

After writing about how women think, the logical next-step is writing about what they want. Before kicking off, just let me remind you that every woman has different traits and that this generalization will have hundreds of exceptions. Analysing a woman will not make you more attractive. Understanding a woman will not allow you to dominate her. These articles are aimed at helping you improve your relationship with them only.

That said, if you want to know what does a woman want in a relationship, the answer is one word, my friend: security in every respect. More? Of course, right from the start:

To understand women and their relationship with men, first you need to understand this: A woman's genitalia is inwards, a woman's brain works inwards outwards, a woman's world works inwards outwards; but, when talking about sex, a woman must let someone in. If you manage to understand the impact this irony has in them, you will be quite close to understand how women think when talking about relationships.

Is this to say they are the victims? Of course not, but anyway, in spite of the fact this thought is not a permanent resident of a woman's mind, intimately, a woman feels she exposes what she considers her most important point in a relationship and acts accordingly. That's why you will always see a woman acting in very picky ways when talking about men.

If that weren't enough, menstrual cycles have women experience peaks and valleys sometimes even they cannot understand. All their bodies are invaded by hormones and they try to adapt... but as soon as they have adapted to a current mix, the hormonal cocktail changes ingredients and they feel destabilized again.

So, what does a woman look for in a relationship? All in all, a woman looks for security in every respect and now you can understand why. She looks for physical security to so she can live at ease, feeling herself protected from potential aggressors; looks for emotional security, which is mainly understood as the faithfulness a man can give; and, above all, temporal (and not temporary) security, which they understand as a promise of stability. You can sometimes see a woman feeling strangely yet strongly attracted to jerky, self-confident-looking or stereotypically attractive men; ironically, in the end many of them end up marrying with a more humble man with less athletic appearance, but who show they are more gentlemanly, intimate, tender and stable.

Obviously, they will test them before, but stability is what they will prefer above all.

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