To understand women

Understanding women is not that complicated. Just keep in mind that analysing them will not make you more appealing and that understanding them will not allow you to dominate them. Who writes this article had the luck of being able to talk openly with many of them about the relationships men and women have; and now is glad to know that he has gotten priceless new friendships just because of this. So, if you want this article to be useful for you, you only need to leave prejudices behind and —as Americans say— walk a mile on their high-heeled shoes... although not literally.

What I learnt about women is that their psychology is basically a mirror of their own genitalia. The simple fact of having the genitals in their bodies resembles exactly the way in which women sees the world: from inside outwards, from herself to the rest. Indeed, every woman concentrates on herself before thinking on anything else and also deems important looking good to feel fine and self-confident. It goes beyond vanity. If she didn't feel comfortable with who she was, she would show many doubts when facing the world that she would unavoidably suffer many drawbacks.

If you get this female point of view, you will understand why those terms of "five minutes" are enough to watch half time of a soccer match on TV, for example. Women need to explore their inner worlds carefully before facing the world: men don't.

You only need to be careful not assuming this is still the important point when a woman talks about her children. As a matter of fact, if a mother ever happens to feel her children are in danger, she transforms herself. She becomes fearless, merciless and, in some cases, even an assassin. A woman does not have contemplations when talking about defending those who she loves more. Further, it has been broadly proven that a woman is capable of doing riskier things than any man just to defend who she loves.

Fortunately, attitudes like this one are left just for extreme cases. Once, millenniums ago, women understood that they are physically less strong than men and left this role to them, just to say it in a way. Since then, women, even since adolescence, look for the company of a man to walk in the streets with or look forwards to living with one of them in the future. Strictly, they don't need a man because they can perfectly live without one by their sides; but they definitely prefer to have one. Company helps a woman to feel confident enough to fulfil her femininity and to feel herself a more complete being... which is also a benefit for her man in the end.

Why did I say this? Because security allows a woman to expand her original way to see the world —from inside outwards— beyond herself, to her environment. So you will soon see her striving to make her environment more beautiful just as she strives for feeling beautiful herself.

Anything else? Yes. A woman needs to communicate a lot with those who she loves in order to feel connected. That's why they need to share what they think, what they feel or what has happened to them during the day; and that's why they appreciate someone who can make her laugh above many other things. For a woman, talking is the fulfilment of a need of feeling connected with whom she has beside. And seeing him or her smile, playing a little or just just bothering turns for her into a positive sign that her interlocutor is enjoying her company. A woman in a hostile environment would just feel less safe.

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