You are a summary of your influences

You have not been born alone. You have had a father, a mother, maybe brothers and sisters, likely cousins, aunts and uncles, and also grandparents and godparents. And that's not it. You have also met their friends.

You have not grown alone either. You have met neighbours, friends, schoolmates, co-workers and acquaintances here, there and everywhere. And they have introduced you to other people, and you have gone to their meetings and you have talked to most of them.

You have watched TV, listened to the radio, you have read books and you have enjoyed some things and others not.

In conclusion, you have grown up receiving thousands of influences which have shaped your personality together with what was in your genes. Now maybe it is time to stop a little to take a look back and around. Do you like what you are? Are you aware of the things you need to change?

Most people do not realize that they are both influence to other people and a result of thousands of influences themselves. Are you not a happy man or woman? Analise yourself a little and you may find out that those things are easier to change than what you thought. As for me, I would like to invite you to do that analysis today. People around you may also need the more positive influence you can give.

Knowledge + You