Mistakes every man makes

I remember when I was a teen starting to date some girls and a conversation I had with my mother about the topic. She, as every woman of certain age, remembered the times in which she was just a chick and how she managed to fool the guys who were courting her. Perhaps, as a way to show repentance for her sins, she gave me priceless advices on how to deal with women and their eternal will to make their man a better man. Here you have them too.

Maybe I should add that it may be quite hard to avoid doing some of these things because we, men, are usually brought up with these ideas in mind. Despite that, it is good to remember them.

The first mistake: To think you will always keep your job

Mum was clear in this, lapidary: When there is hunger, loves runs out. However, men tend to feel overconfident about the job we have... and stop being careful about keeping it. Sometimes we are too tired to go study an update course; sometimes we just think we do not need it. The truth is that, as you get old, your knowledge gets superseded by new trends. Most men forget this and lose their jobs to a twenty-something young man who has still a lot to learn, but willing to learn, unlike you. The consequences at home? Just remember how many of your discussions are about money matters and you can reply to yourself.

The second mistake: To think that you will always keep your woman

For most of us, women are strange beings: They are vain, they like to be praised, the drop like flies with certain tricks most of us have managed to use well, even when they know very well that we are praising them just because we want to seduce them. When you get married, however, most men change: They feel that they have a right over her wife and stop thinking on what they were used to do when they were single: court her, praise her, make her laugh and seduce her little by little. We all know that time, stress and worries can give you less mood to behave like the seductive young man you were when you were single; yet you have to keep this very important thing in your mind, my friend: Women get bored easily; and a bored woman is a lost woman. So be careful: When you got married, you married a woman, you did not purchase her... Get the difference? She may leave if she wants... and she will, if you don't take heed.

The third mistake: To think that a woman really trusts you

I know the title sounded cruel, but it's true. A woman listens to you and your excuses, but she usually keeps them to herself to avoid further discussions in that moment. Sooner or later, however, there will be a time in which she will want to win the argument she's having with you. Her favourite weapons? She will just start listing all your flaws, one by one... and what's more... enjoying it. So, man, you need to avoid giving her weapons for her arsenal. The consequence? You will have a happy woman who will be glad to be a good company for you during the rest of her feminine life... with all the benefits.

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