Improving the species

Years ago, I learnt how cruelly wise my mother could be. It was a time in which I took my girlfriend home to introduce her to my mother. And Dana went gladly, and I remember that we had a nice dinner time.

Hours later, I took Dana back home and got back to mine. And, as you may figure out, I was quite curious of about what my mother could say about my girlfriend. "Son, you need to think on improving the species", she said, that short and lapidary. And I couldn't help starting to laugh. Yet she stopped me and explained me something important:

"I am not talking about a prettier woman only, you see? You are tall and slim. She's short and rather plump... and that's important but not that much. You watch the news everyday, son. The world needs not only more beautiful people: It needs more noble, more courageous and more intelligent people as well... and specially. Will Dana (her name was Dana, right?) give you those kind of children in the future? Look at her! In fact, son, I really don't think so."

What a pearl of wisdom.

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