The Heaven Wars

According to religious tradition, before the creation of the world, God created angels. They were created to serve God and share His glory; and, among them, God appointed a few captains: the archangels.

Tradition also says that one of best of these archangels started to grow envious of God's power and wanted it for himself. Thus, God separated this angel from His realm and expelled him together with every angel who followed his ideas. Therefore, assuming the name of Lucifer (Satan or the Devil) it left.

I usually call this the first stage of Heaven Wars.

Time came for God to create the world and He did. Tradition states that Lucifer was very aware of this creation and that he noticed that God chose men as His favourite creature in this new world. He also noticed that God chose to love man above every other creature in the world. For Lucifer, this was just perfect. As he knows he cannot attack God directly, he would now use these nice creatures called men to hurt God.

So he did.

Religious tradition says that man was misled by the Devil and started wrongdoing. These wrongdoings laid the grounds for other wrongdoings and soon evil spread and grew in the world like a snowball or a chain reaction. So far, it seemed that Lucifer was winning the second stage of Heaven Wars: Not only God was hurt by the sins of men but also men, His most precious creation was unhappy. God decided to make a move on men.

So He did. He promised He would respect men's freedom, so He did not just come to the world to get rid of Lucifer. He chose one man to plant the seed of His salvation.

You know the name of this man: Abraham (Note: if you are Muslim, you know Abraham as Ibrahim, Peace Be Upon Him and His Family).

With Abraham and the other characters you can find in the Bible, God let His seed grow. Then, when time was due, he sent His Saviour to the world: Jesus (if you are non-Christian, you may not believe that Jesus is world's Saviour. I respect that, but I am going to stick to Christian viewpoint for the rest of this article).

Thus, Jesus came to the world with two missions and one directive. The first mission was to teach men how to defend themselves from Lucifer's temptations. The second was to pay the price for men's wrongdoings to reconcile the relationship between God and man. As for the directive, it was very simple: Jesus still had to respect every man's freewill. Was Jesus God or just God's Son? We are not going to enter that debate in this article. Let's continue.

So, he did: Jesus came to the world and lived a human life. Then he taught men how to defend themselves from evil. Lastly, Jesus paid the price with crucifixion for all of men sins and reconciled mankind with God, respecting every single man's freewill in the process. For doing this (which is to say, for accomplishing his mission), God resurrected Jesus and summoned him to Heaven. Now the second stage of Heaven Wars was over for God. He trusted men to fight the third one for Him.

In the third stage of Heaven Wars, men have a protagonist role. On the one side, we are in a world in which the Lucifer rules, in which men are continuously being misled, manipulated, and used to hurt God and make more men unhappy and prone to sin. On the other, God, through Jesus, taught a few men how to defend themselves from Lucifer and gave them the command to teach every man on earth to learn the same and to spread the word.

Heaven Wars go on.

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