Beware of judging yourself

There are moments in which making a pause to think awhile can be very good for us. Thinking about who we are, where we are and where we want to get can help us draw new goals and plan ways to achieve them. It can also allow us to correct some behaviours that may be causing us problems with people we live, study or work with. In general, to commit ourselves with what we need to have a better life.

There are other moments, however, in which we fall into the temptation of ill-treat ourselves, judging our own acts. This article is about these moments, and here you have our comments about them.

Take these examples to help you: Peter tried some drugs in a party; Kathia, drunk, ended up in Albert's bed until dawn; or John, missed something and lost an important client for the company he worked in. Do you know what usually happens in these cases? Hurt, humans as we are, we tend to judge ourselves in a very negative way. If you are not careful, you can soon get used to a very self-destructive behaviour. This is very dangerous.

Continuing with our example, if Peter gets to think he is an addict just because he tried drugs once; Kathia, a slut; and John a stupid; we will soon have three mistaken people buying these thoughts as their new standards. No better glue than bombing their brain with them until they became part of their personality.

The consequences are always the same: What was once a mistake soon becomes a new habit.

What to do if this has already happened to you

If you once did something that you know is wrong, please, do not torture yourself. You made a mistake: apologise with yourself and then forgive yourself. Sure this doesn't mean you are going to turn a blind eye over the consequences of what you have done. Further, you will agree with me if I say it is fair to try to repair the damage you have caused, even if the consequences are completely negative for you... if John lost the job, for example.

The point is that, just like a swallow doth make a summer, a mistake does not make you a bad person.

Even if it has happened more than once, you can stop doing it. Who writes this article knows of many cases in which a drug consumer quits, a promiscuous woman changes her attitude and a fired employee ends up with a better job. As long as you don't consider yourself a bad, addict, promiscuous or stupid person for making one or some mistakes, you can still be fine.

You have the right to mistake, but not the obligation to repeat.

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