Dealing with your sadness

Are you feeling blue? Well, it may be time to renew yourself a little.

Sadness is not a beautiful feeling. When you are sad, you isolate yourself, you keep thinking on what is making you sad once and again; and no matter how hard you try to silent the topic in your brain, it doesn't work, like if it didn't want to go out.

How to beat sadness?

It is bad to feel sad for a long time. How to beat it? Well, one of the best ways to beat sadness is by trying to understand how it works. Ready?

Actually, sadness works just like anger: It is very easy, so let me explain it to you: You get angry when you find out that someone is not acting in the way you would have done in a given situation. You get sad when you find out that someone did not do something in the way you expected, too. It is just another way to react before something.

That said, the first tip to beat your sadness is to stop being so self-centred and to accept that not everybody will act the way you would expect him to do. They make their own decisions, even if you don't like them.

This should help you accept (second tip) that you are feeling sad because you chose to feel that way. With that, you are ready to understand you can change the way you feel again.

Analyse for a minute what is making you feel sad now. Think if you can change it or discuss it; think on the ways in which you can deal with the issue. Now you are turning your sadness into something positive, you see? You are planning a way to deal with the problem instead of just isolating yourself by feeling sad! That's decidedly good news. Continue that way.

Now, if you see you are not able to solve anything about it, then you must accept that it is something you cannot change and get ready to eventually move on. The other important tip to beat sadness is this: You do not need to be happy hundred percent of the time. You have the right to feel sad! You don't need to feel ashamed about it.

Enjoy your sadness and use it to renew yourself. Go on with your life as soon as you are ready to do it.

Just don't take long. There are people out there who are probably getting worried about you.

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