A man replies

These are the most frequent questions women have about men. If you have any other, do not hesitate, just contact us (grin).

Why do men tend to behave like pigs?

Wow... what a first question, girls... Actually, we don't behave like pigs because of any psychological reason. When we are "with the guys" we just use that time to play a while. Men are competitive by nature and we are just challenging each other to see if someone is capable of doing what the other does. It is a game of power, in a way. Those who don't meet the expectations as usually deemed weaker men, and this will never be a good idea among your buddies.

Most men don't like to talk much. Why?

This question may be about why we can spend two, three or four hours watching TV without making noise or talking, or why we don't need to speak much compared to some women. For a man, there is no need to talk to feel accompanied or connected. Being by someone we trust or love is usually enough. Now, if you want to know why, maybe you should remember a war film: for us, there are occasions in which making a noise can be mortal. Talking too much can also be felt as a way to show fear in other circumstances, as well.

Why do you focus that much in a woman's body?

You have always wanted to know that, haven't you? I would say that is because of a mix of many things. For a start, instinct: men are stimulated mainly visually, and any psychologist can confirm you that. The next one would be fertility. Big breasts, wide hips and contoured legs, together with the overall impression of health a woman can give makes us feel more confident about what kind of mother she could become in the future —a first impression, at least. The third one would be curiosity. As a woman's body has got things that our bodies have not, that awakes our curiosity... It's something like "Hey, are those real? Yes? Can I double-check?"

Do men only want sex?

Let me see... mm... mm... mm... No. If we just wanted sex, we wouldn't get married and prostitutes would be the ones now living in the most expensive places. Men, in general, prefer physical contact than saying "I love you". Why? Because, among men, expressing feelings can be understood as a lack of manliness and that can bring us trouble. So we try to caress instead of talking, as our main way to express love.

So why do you look so sad when a woman tells you that she doesn't want to have sex with you?

Well, as you may have figured out, there is a little quota of sexual frustration there, but that's not it. If you reject having sex with us, we usually feel you are rejecting —more than us— our need of expressing love to you, and that hurts a little. We don't just care about sex, we would just go look for a prostitute if that were the case (I thought it was a little more obvious). We care about you, too... and a lot.

What do you want in a woman?

That depends on each man, so I'll tell you what we don't like instead: We don't like women who are not affectionate, we don't like women who don't have a personality, we don't like women who behave too childishly, we don't like women who think we won't notice they approach just for our money or position, we don't like women who want us just to fill their existential emptiness and we don't like women who are not sexual. OK, we can like them if they a nice body, but we are never taking them seriously. Natural selection, maybe?

Do you really want to marry a virgin?

Not any more. Now, if we found she is a virgin and she moves us to respect that, we may value her differently (yes, in the traditional way), but that will depend ultimately on each man.

Why do successful women scare you?

Honestly, men are used to the idea of providing our women with what they need and want. Despite times have changed, we are used to that role and also are you. Successful women, or those who are economically or culturally better than us, can eventually feel that they don't need us and abandon us, or a more successful man may come by, offer her more things and seduce them. That's what we are afraid of.

Why are men so unfair when a woman cheats them?

You mean why men consider a woman who cheats so badly? Because a man loves to the point of being ready to sacrifice his life for his woman; because he knows he is the one who has to defend her if she receives an aggression or an offence. A woman does not. That's why.

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