For a better life

There are many moments in life in which we turn around and feel that our lives are not doing well. Sometimes someone we loved hurt us, sometimes money or other preoccupations overcome us, maybe we are just fed up of living the same boring or useless life while seeing our dreams vanish before our eyes. We do not need to feel sad: frustration can be very powerful. Anger? For sure. What about disappointment? It is usually one of those feelings...

Of course, it would be easy for me to say something like: "Don't worry, everything will be just fine", but how could I tell you this when you already know everybody will tell you the same thing? What you want is a way out, a solution to your problems, right?

If you want a better life, start by understanding this: Hard as it may sound, most of the times our lives are like they are because of our own fault. We were irresponsible, we failed to control ourselves some time, we were fooled and now we pay the consequences. There are, of course, many other occasions in which are just the victims of the situation (say, when a close relative dies, for example), but I am not talking about those occasions on this article. I am talking about the things you are able to change.

A better life now

The last time I was really down (not to the point of thinking about suicide, but very sad anyway), I did this: I took a piece of paper, I wrote down everything I wanted to write about my life (including but not limited to: my normal day, my other obligations, the people I usually deal with, my dreams, the dreams I had years ago and I couldn't make real by then, my relationship with the ones I love, my relationship with those who I knew they loved me, what my parents taught me when I was young... everything). This made me feel much better...

...yet it didn't give me solutions: and I had to accept that despite I wanted a better life now, it was not possible. Now you understand why the subheading of this section is "A better life now" and the upcoming subheading is:

Now, a better life

Despite what we would like to think, a better life is not something we can achieve overnight. It needs careful planning, astute behaviour and the ability of recovering control of our own lives. Is it easy to have a better life? Yes, it is. You only need to remember this:

"[Although] you are able to do great things, life is composed of small things".

The quote above is by an Oriental philosopher, and very true. Nobody is able to have a better life overnight, even if he wins the lottery. Who wants a better life needs, now, to make decisions: a small set of decisions he can reach day by day. This is the only way to have a better life.

The bright side is that you will be able to enjoy every part of the process.

Three extra notes to end

One of the best examples I can give about people changing their lives is the group who attend rehabilitation programs. They say that, if you smoke too much and you want to cut down on it or quit, just say "I won't smoke today". It is much easier and much more realistic than "I won't smoke again", and it is helps. As a matter of fact, this works for every vice or addiction you might have, even gambling or hard drugs.

If you are thinking about suicide, please contact me. I am serious. Something inside is telling me to add this line to this article, so do it.

If you think that you will never be able to change your life, forget that. If I could, you can too. Smile, and go ahead.

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