Interview with Olga Rossano

Fotografía de Olga Rossano.
Fotografía de Olga Rossano.

Olga Rossano is Spanish. She's also pretty. Should there be a reason to sit down and listen to her music, however, it is as simple as this: Olga loves what she's doing.

Olga Rossano's music lyrics are here…

Hello, Olga. How are you? I think that the best way to start this interview is by asking you to introduce yourself to those of our readers who have not met you yet.

I'm fine, thank you (smiles). I was willing to do this interview and to help Heptagrama readers to get to know me a little. Not only my music, but also more about me. I was born in Córdoba, although I consider myself from Jerez too, because I was raised there since I was 7 years old. From a few years ago I am living in Madrid, though I have also lived abroad for not very long times. I am exclusively into music now. I play live, and I also compose both for me and other artists.

And how long have you been playing music?

You see… since I was a child I always dreamt of being a writer and of giving concerts like my favourite singers. I used to write a lot of poetry and tales that I made up, but I never showed them to anyone. For a long time I had to fight my stage panic. Sure I wasn't ready to sing with public, but I occasionally took advantage of any school party to perform a playback of any famous song and thus put myself to challenge. Later, in college, I started a band to have some fun, but soon after that I went to Madrid and, what started as a simple hobby became something with a better perspective. Music began to play an important role in my life. I started guitar lessons, music lessons, composition, singing, and then I got a few jobs as a chorister in studio sessions, which gave me a lot of discipline and vocal education.

So little by little I began to meet a lot of people from the industry: musicians, engineers, producers among them Luis Villa, my musical producer, and it was a blow of luck meeting him. He believed in my since the very beginning, we decided to make a demo with a few songs and present it to my current editorial Sony Atv Publishing, which with we signed. One thing led to the other one and we recorded the first album with a co-production of the guitar player Juan Carlos Jiménez "El Ninho". From then on, things have been flowing little by little.

Have you always been a solo singer, or were you part of a band before?

Yes, I have always had clear that I wanted to be a solo singer even if a band would play with me later.

And why did you decide to become a singer and not —say— an engineer, Olga? Was there any special motivation to go for arts? A handsome bass player, for instance? (laughs)

(laughs) I was scared to dead with the idea of going to the university! ha, ha, ha…! Nah… I had it very clear since the beginning. What I couldn't figure out is whether I would achieve being a writer. Besides, there is an important factor in all this and it is genetics, you know? Part of my family has worked in interpreting, theatre, doubling… so it is in my veins, too. If you were born with the artistic gene, no one can take it out! (laughs)

You're very right. Now, what was the experience of taking out an album? Some people think it's easy. What was it like for you?

It's been a long process till deciding to record a first album. It was a sudden decision, even though there were a lot of previous things that were clearing up the path for the proper time. As soon as I selected the topics that we were going to include, we started the production. If I could go back in time, I would live it all again. It's been several years of learning and of course it's not easy. This is a full-time career and you can't stop learning and giving your best. You just must go on. And you've got to enjoy the ride, too, for sure.

But I guess you were not alone in the process…

I have been able to see myself surrounded by excellent professionals who directed, counselled and appreciated a lot. Without them, my job would be just somewhat incomplete.

OK, I think it's time to change topic, Olga. Let's talk a little more about your music. You compose all your songs, don't you?

Yes, both lyrics and music of every song are written by me; yet this doesn't mean that I don't composed halves with other composers. Indeed, two of the songs in the album are by Luis Villa and me.

What inspires you? Do you like to talk about you or about others, for a start?

Anything, time or moment… But inspiration itself is so abstract and ephemeral that it can mean all or nothing.

I can't help asking you this now, I'm curious: Did any of those old poems become a song, or will it?

Those poems are kept under key… just kidding. I wrote them so long ago, when I was a child and like a sort of diary. Some of it is present in some song; they are experiences.

What do you like to do when you are away from singing? Can you tell us?

Why not… Travel: this one for sure. I escape every time I can, with someone or even alone. There is another thing that I find relaxing and very creative and it is the kitchen. It helps me to think clearly. Play sports, go out with my friends, dine with them at home…

Is there anything you have always wanted to be asked in an interview that I haven't asked so far?

Is music the most important thing in your life?

And the answer would be…

Music sweetens all of my days and it makes me wish being a better person.

Wow! You love what you do! OK, Olga, I think that, with this, our readers have been able to get to know you a little more. Is there anything you would like to add, before saying goodbye?

Well, thanks a lot, and I hope you can soon enjoy this first album that with great pleasure we have prepared.

I'm sure we will. Thank you, Olga, our best wishes and let's give our readers a try of your music. What do you say?

Great! Thanks for this good time. Goodbye everybody.

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