Memories of you

Memories of you
That become sihouettes and gestures
That faint and then leave remindings
Memories of you
That, when I close my eyes
The resentments bury
That, when the noise becomes silence
My mind again finds
Just as if it were yesterday
Your silhouette new lines acquire
I again see that face
That my dreams disturb

Memories of you
That are vague during daytime
And so real in the darkness
Memories without enlightened melodies
And which rarely enlighten me.
Memories of you
With an uncertain future
Memories of you
Like graffiti on a divider.

© Yvan Guzmán Mariluz

Yvan Guzmán Mariluz was born in Lima, Peru, in 1986. He draws, writes and composes; but he is currently studying Communication Sciences at Universidad San Martin de Porres.

Arts and expression + Poetry