For those who need a definition, a word is a set of characters from which a group of people can understand a sense or meaning. There are many different kinds of words in every language, and many different ways to say the same things. Science and arts usually help us increase our vocabulary.

Kinds of words

In both English and Spanish there are nine kinds and two groups of words:


+ nouns, which mention things
+ adjectives, which clarify nouns
+ verbs, which mention actions
+ adverbs, which clarify verbs


+ pronouns, which replace nouns (to avoid useless repetition)
+ prepositions, which clarify relationships between words
+ conjunctions, which join clauses
+ interjections, which show moods or mood changes

It is also important to learn that words depend on the origin of a language and that it is always influenced by the region in which they are being used.

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