Learn why people reject the arts

People reject the arts because it makes them think... and they don't like that. Cruel or not, this is the simplest explanation to the rejection and ridicule artists receive all over the world. Artists want to express something, but people don't want to listen. Why not? Because artists are right and no one wants to be reminded of that.

An artist speaks

I remember the first time I smashed into the wall called art. I was fourteen years old, fighting acne and struggling against other issues of adolescence. You remember it... One day you wake up in the morning and, suddenly, you stop caring about games and start caring about the rest. Once you cross that threshold, there is no way to turn back.

When you see the world with those new eyes you see people doing things that a few days ago were just unbelievable: friends lying and cheating on their girlfriends, older guys trying to be with someone just to have some fun and sex, friends talking to you about butts, eyes, hair, bosoms, about having fun with them and a brief introduction to the world of pornography, girl friends confessing they were doing things on purpose just to bother their boyfriends... and other things you were not yet thinking about.

—Hey! What's on with you? —I asked, and started saying what I meant.

Sure you imagine I got a lot of laughs as reply.

—I thought you were much more honest, my friend —I stated.
—I am what I am and you are not going to change me —I received as a reply.

After that, two things: First, a look of anger; then, silence, a good bye and a "I've got to go"... Pretty devastating for a fourteen-year-old teen, as you knew they were lies.

That day, a new writer was born and I only needed to be breastfed and raised. Even though my motivations will not necessarily compare to those which motivated other artists, the story is the same. "Art? Are you nuts? You want to live starving?"

Think about it

If people reject the arts it is because —I must admit— we, artists, are strange people. We want to make your life better, helping you realize that you are doing more stupid things than what you are supposed to do with your common sense.

Every artist has done the same: "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde is a clear example of how a man can denigrate his own life little by little. "Star Wars", by George Lucas is an example of how lie can destroy it all and how a little courage can fix it back. "Swans reflecting elephants" by Salvador Dali is an example of how we can see things differently if we dare to look deeply. You see? Every (true) artist has the same zeal: to give you a message. Why reject? Just because it is not comfortable to hear someone say your life can be better than it is?

Your life can and should be better: I am saying it in plain English this time. Will you change it? Most people just long for the next distraction.

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