What an employer wants

When looking for a job, a neat presentation and a good résumé are essential to have some chances to obtain one. We all know that... But why is someone offering a job in first place? Understanding why a businessman pays for an ad on the newspaper can really help us when approaching as applicants. Remembering it, to improve our productivity.

Why does he offer a job

Mainly, a businessman offers a job does it because of one of the following reasons:

+ It is mandatory, pursuant to the law
+ The task needs an specialist
+ He wants or needs some more sales
+ He cannot deal with the job without more help
+ He wants to fire someone else, and he needs someone to replace him

That is to say, he offers a job either to make more money or to work a little faster or, in general, better. Now take a look at our usual attitudes when applying for a job position:

+ We want or need to earn a living
+ We want or need to learn more about our career
+ We want or need to buy something
+ We want or need to continue studying
+ We want or need to feel useful

Curious, isn't it? Now take a look at what usually happens as a consequence of this difference of motivations.

Consequences of our attitudes

Many people do not seem to understand that, when applying for a job, they are not trying to satisfy their need, but also trying to meet someone who may need his or her help. Actually, if applicants recognized that they are going to fill in a position which is a necessity for the potential employer, they would change their attitude from applicant to something more like a partner and increase their chances. When looking for a job, do remember you get a job because you agree on a time-salary-benefits negotiation. Here anyone is doing anyone any favour. It is a transaction.

But, disgracefully, many people tend to forget it.

Got the job? Don't forget this

Some people are terribly used to forgetting why they were hired when they sit on the chair. Now we are going to remind you some of the most important expectations a boss has towards an employee while he works for him. You will see they are all more than fair, correct and ordinary:

+ Come to work, not to slack or make friends
+ Be flawlessly punctual, this doesn't mean arriving 35 minutes before our agreement, it just means being here when you are supposed to be here. I count on you, forgot it?
+ Do your work timely and well
+ Be careful and responsible. Someone took long time to build a customer portfolio here, OK?
+ Help increase profits, not to start losses
+ Learn what you need to learn fast. The office is not an academy
+ Point out something that you feel is not well, so we can change it
+ Ease the things, so everybody can work better
+ Be honest, for God sake!
+ And be a good person, because everybody is a person coming to work here, just like you

Please, remember something. Before hiring, every employer makes a profile of the kind of person he would like to have working with or for him. This includes all kinds of traits: character, personality, mood, knowledge of the position, studies, experience, even empathy during the interview. Every boss also minds about the security an employee can give him or not. He does think on the economic convenience of hiring you or not; in other words, what you will help to generate in exchange of the money you will earn.

If you read within my lines and you will see that all an employer wants from you is commitment. He needs to count on you to grow. You cannot betray that. We have a pact, remember? Fulfil it.

Knowledge + Working