Web development

The Web development section of Heptagrama aims at summarizing all the knowledge about the art and science of designing meaningful and effective websites.

+ In search of your own website
+ Linking your domain name with your hosting package
+ Suggestions for a domain name
+ Starting your website
+ Technologies for your website

Designing a web page

+ How to make a web page
+ Highlighting information on a web page
+ How to make a link
+ Add an image
+ Complete your web page
+ Create your web page - review

+ Divide your web page in sections
+ Add a table to your web page
+ Add scripts to your site
+ How to embed a video
+ Add a web form

Learn CSS

+ What is CSS?
+ Naming things in CSS
+ Sizes in CSS
+ CSS Backgrounds
+ CSS borders
+ Margins and padding in CSS
+ Width, height and outline in CSS
+ CSS fonts
+ Texts attributes in CSS
+ Pseudo classes in CSS
+ Positions in CSS
+ Float and clear


+ Your own site map
+ Your own RSS


+ Convert your text to HTML

Learn + Computers and the Internet + Web development