Use VoIP telephony

The Internet has brought a worldwide revolution for communications. Take advantage of it a little more, use it to save on phone expenses.

What is VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or IP telephony, is a protocol of data transmission which turns your voice into digital signals and send them to their receptor on any other place in the planet; that is, it is a telephone that uses the Internet for transmissions, instead of conventional telephonic lines.

What advantages has it got

Given that IP telephony is based on the Internet, the main advantage it offers is that is has a very reduced cost. Sometimes you only need to download a software into your computer to use it. Sometimes, you need no more than a VoIP router and an Internet connection to make and receive calls from everywhere in the world.

The sound quality of VoIP communications is pretty good, and this is something that has been achieved after some time. Some products really make you feel your interlocutor is in front of you instead of kilometres away.

The other important advantage VoIP telephony gives, is the possibility of hiring a telephone number from another city or even country without moving from your house or office; this makes VoIP ideal for the growth of small businesses.

Anything to be careful of?

Basically, one thing: As VoIP telephony is based on the Internet, it is hackable (though this is not easy to do). But if you take into account that everybody uses e-mail to communicate despite it is not a secure means of communication either, I think you can overlook this. IP telephony is changing the life of millions of businesses and families. It is just a matter of giving it a try.

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