Useless to-dos

When I was younger, I used to come home from school and turn on the TV to watch a few specific shows for about three hours in the afternoon. As I had good grades, my parents didn't bother me about it. After that (and during that, many times), I just turned it off and did my homework. At that time, what usually came next was enjoying some time for myself. This sometimes meant going out with some friends or maybe listening to some music while reading something before going to sleep.

These days I see something different. I see people full of self-assigned duties, without time to enjoy as much as I did.

These include checking e-mail addresses many times a day, as well as their social network and micro-blogging accounts.

They include going out with a camera in their hands not just to enjoy the moment but to take as many pictures "enjoying themselves" as they can.

They include being constantly connected through their mobile devices, uploading photos, sharing or commenting on them.

They include posting and laughing at sincerely stupid images all day and night.

They also include companies trying to compete to get even more people on other social websites.

People have embraced wasting their time as a life-style.

I can't help shivering. After all, if we keep filling our time with useless to-dos we will never have time for what is truly important.

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