A translator's job

In a globalized world, translators and interpreters have seen how their careers have soared in importance. One mistaken word and you can change the sense of a sentence. One misunderstood sentence and a whole negotiation can fall apart. Translators must take their jobs with responsibility now more than ever.

A good translator needs to be a well-educated person. He or she needs to have a general idea of every topic on Earth to translate well, so the first thing I must say is that a good translator must love reading. Without culture as a base, his job will not be perfect. And nothing less than perfection is what a good translator must be able to give.

Sounds hard, doesn't it? Well, it is not that complex either. These days, translators have got many tools that were impossible to get before. Translation software, on-line communities and on-line dictionaries can really help and save a lot of time. Just do not trust them too much. The sense of the words many times supersedes the meaning they have in a dictionary, not to mention slang supersedes them both.

A professional translator requires a university degree in the field. A translator can currently work in legal offices, translation of documents, captioning of films, interpretation, and the like. Some translators prefer to switch and work as language teachers.

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