A teacher's job

To describe a teacher's job, we cannot say it is as simple as standing up in front of a group of people to speak. A realistic definition of what a teacher is not and may not be that mean. To be honest, a teacher is not a man in charge of teaching. Believe it or not, he is a man committed in having you learn... even if you do not want to.

A good teacher, therefore, requires certain things. First and above all, a comprehensive and realistic knowledge of the science and the art of how people learn. After that, a complete and deep knowledge of the subject he will give. The third important thing is commitment. A teacher must be a cult, honest and ethical person, someone always ready to listen to his students' inquiries and needs.

Why? Because, among other things, the teacher must always remember that he is the live image of both the policies and the treatment of the educational organization. He is responsible for the way in which concepts, forms, techniques and strategies will be deemed as normal, for years, by his students in a given subject. He is, in addition, an example for others.

A teacher, therefore, needs to be an adult with defined and stable personality; a professional with character, patience, common sense, high ethical standards, moral values... and an organized person. He must have an undoubted domain of the subject he is going to teach, and he must have the charisma, kindness, sense of humour and capability of improvisation to reach the goals of his lesson plan.

If he does not comply, he runs the risk of becoming a sad speaker of alien knowledge who, without a shadow of respect from his students, will just focus on fulfilling the instructions of his lesson plan.

You get the point.

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