Standardized lives

Today something made me feel strange. I turned right and I saw some people walking in their uniforms. I turned left and I saw some teenagers walking in jeans. The last time my mobile phone rang, I heard the classical melody I had previously chosen as ringer. In the morning, in the bus, I happened to hear that same ringer in another mobile phone as well.

I decided to pay attention to the things I was going to do during the day. I got into the office and signed in, then I turned on the computer and started the day by checking my e-mail. Next thing to do was to continue with the work I left in pause the previous day.

You can imagine the rest. At lunch time, I stood up and went to the restaurant I usually go to eat. Coming back, I smoked one of my habitual after-meal cigarettes and went back...

Routine? If it were simply a routine, there wouldn't be millions of other people doing the same things as me. It is worse: we are living a standard.

When, how or why we are standardized? I don't know, I am not looking for an answer in this article. This time I have a warning to launch, and also a question: If our lives are following an standard, who are reaping the benefits?

I am not doing it. Moreover, I have noticed that living a standard has just been draining my time.

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