Marketing, in simple

The first thing a person who plans to start working in the marketing of his own or another business should do is to stop and think a while. The first item in the list is to think or ask the manager about is why the business itself was created, what were its goals and objectives in the very beginning. This will help the analyst get to a very important starting point for the rest of the marketing plan: it will provide a sense of identity to the efforts the organization has carried out so far.

From there (and it doesn't matter whether the original objective was just to make money or other), the analyst should follow with a little history. Have the objectives changed? Have the ways in which the organization tries to reach those objectives changed? Have more objectives been incorporated to that original plan? As these questions are considered, the analysis will grow more comprehensive. This is the correct focus. To work in marketing you definitely need the big picture.

Analyse your product or service

Once the analysis of the issues mentioned above is complete, time has come to think about the present situation of the organization. It may be undergoing a period of slow sales, it may be losing customers to a new competitor, it may be undergoing a number of things... yet, the grounds in which the organization works are still the same: The organization offers certain products or services to the market, and the market decides whether to make use of them or not.

The next step, therefore, is to analyse the product or service the organization is offering. The best marketing decision an organization can make is definitely to commit itself to offer a good product or service.

The reason is very simple: Who decides whether to make use of the product or service an organization offers is not the company but the people out there... and they will not choose a product based on your brand, your price, your free gift or your advertising. They will choose your product if it is good for them.

This is the key to an effective marketing.

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