Sex does not sell

With articles like this one, the marriage between sex and advertising should come to an end. Actually, studies prove that sexual advertising does not help your sales.

In greater depth now: When an advertisement, regardless of the nature of the service or product it promotes, uses sexual stimuli to draw potential customers attention, it achieves the following effect:

+ Half of men pays attention to it.
+ Around 12% of women pay attention to it.

Causing, in general terms...

+ Sexual curiosity in men audience.
+ Rejection in women audience.

Here comes the interesting part of the study, however: After the advertisement has been broadcast:

+ 12% of men remembers the brand the ad promoted
+ 7% of women remember the brand, and many do it with indignation.

Bottom line: Sexual advertising goes against your marketing efforts. Moreover, it causes harmful effects in teens and young adults.

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