Seven things pending in the world

Millions talk about them every day, billions suffer them in their own flesh, everyone knows they are unfair... but anybody does much about them. Many people do not understand solutions for these major world problems are closer to their hands than what they think. So here we prepared a list of seven things that are pending in the world and a some easy suggestions, if you want to help.

+ Global warming. This can kill us all in the long term, so it is better stop playing and start fighting this issue in every scale: individuals, communities, corporations, governments. Just do not think you are alone. As a matter of fact, 'global warming' is a very searched on the Internet these days.

+ Illiteracy, and specially ignorance. Lack of a proper and balanced education worldwide can lead to bigger disgraces and a drawback in the sustainable development of the world. You can do something easily... read a book, talk with people and never be afraid of asking questions.

+ Equality between man and woman. History has been ironic in this issue along centuries and, further, both men and women accept we will never be equal. This doesn't mean we cannot live together harmoniously; however there are still women living under fear, abuse or chauvinist treatment; and men who are drained from their dignity and possessions by abusive women who only want them for what they get from them.

+ A cure for AIDS. HIV and AIDS do not have a cure yet, but millions of people get infected every year. It is a must to provide a holistic sexual education, focused in the raising of worthy families instead of mere physical pleasure or reproduction. It is also a matter of having people understand sex is not a way of satisfying their emotional needs or make-up their depressions. Sexual education must now go beyond body functions.

+ Discrimination. Though a man an another are more than 90% equal, no matter where their origin, culture, race or sexual orientation, there are still various forms of discrimination every day and everywhere. This could stop easily if we get used to treating the others as people and if we tell those people they don't need to act defensively towards us.

+ Beat the mafias. Smuggling, piracy, espionage, blackmail, kidnap, torture, drugs, sexual exploitation, corruption within governmental services are just a few examples. The best way to beat them, however, is the same: Stop buying their products and they will soon go bankrupt.

+ Return to moral standards. Advertising and the media has taught people for decades that the most important things are to have money, position, power and a beautiful physical appearance. Furthermore, people who did their job or had a preoccupation towards others in that same media were catalogued as stupid, boring or mediocre at the same time. It is a good time to have the media return to a more real moral standard, to stop deceiving the future generations.

Of course, there are many more, but that does not reduce the importance of these seven starting points.

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