How to promote yourself

One of the most frequent questions both freelancers and consultants make is how to promote themselves among hundreds of other people who carry out probably the same activities worldwide. Here we have places some ideas for you to follow. Just be careful on the way you use them, because nobody likes to hire a spammer.


+ Check out if your local supermarket has a free-ad board and publish your ad there at least once a month. Make a list of four supermarkets near your area and you have the whole month covered.

+ Do the same in the photocopy shops near the city's business area. Everybody drops by photocopy shops sooner or later.

+ If the service you offer is to be rendered in houses, also place some ads in the bakeries.


+ To introduce yourself to companies, do not send spam e-mails. Visit the company in person taken a letter of introduction in writing, and have the receptionist sign you a note of receipt.

+ Classified advertisements on the newspaper are usually cheap and give good results, too.


+ The Internet offers a lot of websites where to place free classified ads, so start there.

+ Continue by investing in the creation of your own website.

+ Join networking rings or websites and be an active —and specially worth reading— contributor. Take for granted that someone will notice it and take you into account.

+ If you can handle the budget, advertise on search engines too.


+ Consider offering your customers the possibility of paying you by credit card. Believe me, few freelancers and consultants so this, and it gives you another level to the eyes of potential customers.

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