Search better on-line

One of the reasons people lose so much time searching information on the Internet is because they do not know how to use a search engine properly. Here some tips to improve your searching.

+ Input more than one word in your query. If you input sex, are you looking for information about sex or pornography? Help search engines give you the results you want to find, showing them the kind of information you want to find. sexual changes adolescence will be a better query.

+ If you are looking for an exact term "quote it". Try out, and you will see that looking for eating disorders and for "eating disorders" will give you different results where to click. Quoting, for search engines, means that you want results showing the exact term results only.

+ Now, If you are not looking for an exact term, but you need certain words included, +add them. Using plus signs tells the search engine that it must return results which include the word after the plus sign. Compare the results of Michael Jackson CDs with Michael +Jackson +CDs, for example.

+ Exclude the terms you are not interested in with the minus sign. cocktail recipes -vodka will exclude recipes that include vodka in your results.

Happy surfing.

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