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Today we have interviewed Samantha C., a very lively Malaysian photographer who, in my humble opinion, knows how to capture human expression in a remarkably special way. Read through, and enjoy yourself with her photographs. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Samantha...

The interview

(We ask in this colour)

Hello, Sam. How are you? Maybe you would like to introduce yourself, so our readers can get to know you a bit better...

Hi there! I'm doing great. Busy but great and having fun along the way. Well here is a little something about mua. I'm from Malaysia; I've started taking photography seriously about 6 months ago or so, and I have absolutely no regrets! (smiles) This is the one thing I live for everyday since.

Great! "Hello and nice to meet you" from all Heptagrama readers. Is this the first time you are interviewed by a magazine?

Well a big hello to you all too! (smiles and waves at you) Oh yes, this is my first on-line interview. My work has been featured on a few blogs before, but its safe to say this is my very first interview!

How long have you been a photographer, Sam?

(smiles) As I just mentioned, technically, about 6 months. But I have to say we're all photographers at heart. We snap memories of the everyday moments or memorable things we go through and we automatically save a mental picture of it in our minds, so in this light ...all my life, perhaps?

Yeah, maybe... And why did you decide to become one? How did all start?

To feed my soul. There was something missing. I guess I wasn't expressing myself enough in a certain way and that this is my outlet. It probably started when I was modelling for a few friends of mine. I got curious about the lighting and other equipment.

And now you have got this quality and good taste... Was it hard for you to get here?

mm... Can't say I have particularly good taste or quality yet! I'm so fresh and I have tons to learn. Honestly, I don't even have my very own camera yet! I'm currently using my friend's one. I hope to get one real soon though!

Wow, that reminds me when I borrowed my friend's guitar just to learn how to play it, so I know the feeling (laughs). Changing, topic, Sam, what can you tell us about your models? How do they help or make difficult your work?

Most of them are my close friends, so it's always fun to work with them! Every person has their own unique personality, even the photographer! It may be good or bad, so it's important to adapt and get along with everyone. That makes life a whole lot easier and fun!

Your friends? Actually, they are very pretty... Can I have their phone numbers? (laughs)

(laughs) What do you think? (tongue)

(laughs) OK, OK, it was worth trying, anyway! Back to the interview, Sam, let me tell you that something I personally admired a lot about your photographs was —sorry, is— the fact you manage to capture very special expressions in them. How hard is it to motivate those expressions in your friends?

Thanks. I can't say it's really hard. It's about connecting with your models. Communication is really important to get that certain message or mood across. I still need to improve on that though!

So communication is the key... excellent. Now tell me, Sam: Are you thinking on trying some other topics in a near future? or maybe you will stick into models for a while?

Well, I really love portraiture. It's where my heart is (smiles). But I have always been interested in abstract art, so if I'm given the opportunity and time, I definitely would do it!

OK, I'll look forward to see that. In the meantime, it's time for the hard questions... Are you ready?

Always! (laughs)

Which of the things you have learnt as a photographer have also helped you become a better person?

There are a few things. Namely being patient and flexible with the outcomes I get no matter what I planned in the first place. Just because I planned to get a certain look or result does not guarantee me the exact results at the end of the day. Though I feel it's important to get what I want, its also important to be open and flexible, evidently!

Nice reply, thank you (smiles). Now the other one... What do you think photographers discover or know and every person should learn?

Well, I can't say that photographers know the secrets of everything, but one thing would be to accept and acknowledge people for who they really are. It's important for us to really get to know our models and their true selves as it greatly affects the outcome of a shoot. I strongly feel that everyone else should do the same! :D Peace!!

Yes, it seems peace is what everything needs to find these days, so thank you for the example, the interview and your photographs.

Welcome (smiles).

Samantha's photographs

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