Software you must have

Some people are not very sure of what software they should install in their computers to work properly. Others don't ask and just install the most popular names, as if they were the best. Others even install pirate copies of software.

But there is no need to suffer. There are two rules of thumb when talking about software:

+ The best software for your hardware (drivers and the like) is exclusively the manufacturer's software. Just get into their website and download what you need. Period.

+ For every task you will need to carry out, there is a very well-known brand software and a free version under other name, which is similar or even better than it.

Software you must have

A common user needs these applications installed:

+ Operating system(s)
+ Appropriate drivers for the hardware
+ An anti-virus software (Windows users only)
+ A file-compression utility
+ An Internet browser, with Flash viewer
+ The Java runtime platform
+ An office suite
+ A program to listen to music, watch videos and see pictures
+ A program to read Portable Document Files (.pdf)
+ A program to make, tune-up or edit images
+ An instant messaging client

Do you want to hear some good news? The best applications for these tasks are absolutely free. More news: There are applications which do many tasks with one single program. There is no need to install many programs.

How can you know? We all have a friend who is an expert in computers around. Send him an e-mail and ask! As a way to show our respect for free competition, we will not mention names in this article... I have prepared a list of recommendations on another page.

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