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Parents should be more careful with what they tell their children. Sometimes they are who humiliate them the most.
Rosario Aguilar

God many times gives in an instant what He denied for a long time.

When we have nothing left is when we start to understand that we didn't need anything.
Amado Nervo

The neglection of the small duties is the school of major flaws.
Madame Necker

Modesty is to merit what shadows to the images in a painting: it gives them strength and relief.
La Bruyère

A man who does not fear anything is as powerful as who is feared by everyone else.

Pride is not greatness but swelling; and what is swollen looks big, but is not healthy.
Saint Augustine

When you do not think what you are saying is when you really say what you are thinking.

The mischievousness of the ones almost always comes from the stupidity of the others.

When those who govern lose their shame, those who obey lose their respect.
Cardenal de Retz

What reason have the atheists got to state one cannot resurrect? Which is harder: to be born or to resurrect? To be for who never was or to see what has been to be again? Isn't it harder to come than to come back? Habit makes easier to conceive the birth, lack of habit makes resurrection impossible. What a way to judge!

The only worthy autograph of a man is the one he leaves with his actions.
José Martí


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