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The first sign of age is finding yesterday better than today.
Amado Nervo

Taking revenge against who is more powerful is madness; against who is equal, dangerous; against who is weaker, evil.

Those who strive for stay away from vices fall in the vice of not procuring virtue.

A wise man corrects his own vices by seeing them in others.
Publio Siro

In the battle, you know the soldier; in victory, you know the gentleman.

Just as the wise man does not choose the most abounding meals, but the most delightful; don't chase the longest life, but the most intense.

Many use the first half of their life making miserable the second half.

Mad men think and they all have an idea which so exaggerated tension breaks the spring of their intelligence. Mad men are sick in their spirit and heart. They are miserable souls, but full of vitality and strength.

Most writers, just like directors, improve for what they inspire rather for what they teach.

To beg, you need to go clean, but with rags. A decent poor doesn't inspire pity, a dirty one is just nasty. Even compassion must be inspired moderately.

Life, without fighting, is not worth much.
Le Roy V. Brandt

Those who don't have will are always at the mercy of those who speak last.
Orson Sweet Marden


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