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Meditation strengthens the strong ones and weakens the weak ones.

Melancholy is the joy of being sad.
Victor Hugo

Think first, act later.

The man who doesn't fear the truths has nothing to fear before lies.
Thomas Jefferson

Instinct is a much safer guide than reason.

We are too many things at the same time to limit ourselves to understand it in the details which make us unhappy.
Jorge Enrique Aguayo

Virtue cannot be taught, only inspired.
Aime Martin

The problem with mankind is that every difference has created a form of power. Mankind confused difference with inequality and, as a result, its strive for equality has ended up as a fight to erase differences.

The best way to live is to live together. Living together in a careful way, like you take care of a masterpiece, would be the summit of the universe.
Ortega y Gasset

A woman's virtue should be a beautiful virtue. A man's virtue should be a gentlemanly virtue.

Who cannot what he wants, love what he can. It is madness to wish what one cannot have: consider careful to whom doesn't place his will in what he cannot have.
Leonardo da Vinci

There is nothing a man cannot do if he wishes it with enough determination.


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