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Happiness comes from moderation.

I don't know of a better badge for a sovereign mind than the tenacy of purpose that inavoidably makes him follow his path until its end.

It is more convenient to be interesting than precise, as the public forgives it all but boredom.

Man is the builder of his own misery; the pleasures he usually longs for are not worth the fourth part of the cost of their eagerness to reach them.

Don't ask for tasks according to your strengths. Ask for strengths according to your tasks.

Shyness is composed of the wish of being liked and the fear of not achieving it.

To domesticate is not to tame nor dominate, it is to build bonds.

Wealth is everything you have and can't be bought with money.

Who listens to his small inner-voice will become a small man; who listens to his big inner-voice will become a big man.

Seeking pain you find pleasure; seeking pleasure, you find pain.
Catalina de Siena

What is vulgarity? The dictatorship of selfishness, the slavery towards routine and the indiference with regard to great things.

What is important is not to listen but to find out what the other thinks.
Donoso Cortés


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