Quotes and thoughts

Great men are not great at every hour nor in everything.
Frederick the Great

Greatness is like perfumes: those who carry them are who less perceive them.
Christine of Sweden

Men are like wines: time sours the bad ones and ages the good ones.

If it is not convenient, do not it; if it is not true, do not say it.
Marcus Aurelius

The ordinary man only cares of spending his time; the talented one, of using it.

You can know a man's heart from what he does and his wisdom from what he says.

Great men are simple and regularly pompous for the same reason cowards show off and the brave ones do not.

You cannot have a happy life without being fair, wise and good; and you cannot be fair, wise and good without being happy.

When someone is friend of himself, he's friend of everybody else.

Elderly age starts when we wake up without goals and we go to bed without hopes.
Belmont B.

It is parents duty to prepare their children for the way, never the way for the children.

Who doesn't get satisfied with some, doesn't get satisfied with anything.


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