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Those who love get exposed, but love always make things better. In the end, evil gets into the world either by lack of love or by lack of freedom.
Gonzalo, Catholic priest

If you do not live for something, you will die for nothing.

The biggest act of humbleness, of real humbleness is to act.
Miguel de Unamuno

Genius is like an eagle: the higher it flies the less visible it is; and it sees its greatness punished by the loneliness it finds in its soul.

A king must be aware of three things: that he governs men, that he must govern them according to the law and that he will not rule forever.

Common sense is not so common.
German proverb

If you are to deny with your head, be sure to have one.
Truman Capote

We trust too much in systems and too little in men.

In general, why do we escape from loneliness? Because only few of us can feel in good company only with ourselves.

Take for yourself the advices you give to others.
Thales de Millet

If you ask a man more than he can do, he will. If you only ask him what he can do, he will do nothing.
Rudyard Kipling

Great positions are like inaccessible rocks, only eagles and vipers reach them.


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