Avoid and Beat the Hangover

Among the various effects alcoholic drinks have on our bodies, one is especially uncomfortable: It is when an excessive alcohol intake during a "great night" makes your body feel sick the next morning —yes, a hangover.

The hangover is not an illness but a symptom of lacking liquids in the body. The alcohol you drink, being diuretic, helps your body lose liquid through sweating and urinating. If you forgot or failed to replace water loss later, your body will demand it the next morning.

That being said, avoid a hangover following the tips below:

+ Drink extra water (at least a litre) if you know you are having some alcohol later.
+ Avoid eating spicy meals; dehydration and stomach irritation will not set well.
+ Avoid drinking too fast, because your body cannot speed up its processing.
+ Avoid drinking too much, because your body will have to process all your toasts.
+ Stop drinking when you start feeling the warnings that say it's been enough; and,
+ Drink at least a litre of water before going to bed.

You should be fine with that, especially if you don't drive back home after drinking.

Now, in case you failed to follow the advice above...

Beat your Hangover

+ Remember that alcohol is a diuretic and irritating substance, which makes your liver overwork. Help beat the hangover with lots of water or fruit juices.

+ Remember that your liver is still working to process all the alcohol you took, so don't overload it. Avoid spicy or heavy meals, and avoid junk food or anything with artificial ingredients.

+ For faster results, include artichokes and pineapple in your diet. Those two are known for helping the liver clean the blood faster. Another option is to take a bottle or two of refreshing sports drinks, like those intended for athletics.

+ Last but not least, rest and let your body rest.

If by chance, you wake up with nausea, raise your arms and breathe deeply. Your mother taught you that when you were a child, remember?

Continue that way for the rest of the day and you'll be fine. Just be more careful next time. You will survive.

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