Pit Reichert

Pit Reichert bets on painting when everyone else thinks on photographs. What can motivate a man to take such step? We asked Pit to talk a little about himself and to show us his paintings. Here you have his story, written by himself.

Pit Reichert

Pit Reichert was born on the 25th April 1979 in Luxembourg.

As a child, he already loved painting on walls and in kindergarten he always got special stars for drawing nicely. After moving to another house, his father put him into the smallest room, so he would have less wall to paint on. To comfort himself about the loss of wall, he submerged himself in animal and dinosaur books. He found out that he could draw and paint on paper as well.

During primary school Reichert participated in 'Arts à l'ácole' (arts in school) during some years, where he could experience with his creativity at a very young age. His choice for high school was pretty natural: the one with the nice chaotic and colourful art classes, the 'Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers' (Technical High school of Arts and Crafts) in Luxembourg city. In the first years, he got a great support of his art teachers and later on, when he was in the Art Section, he was in the very first ones of his class. In the last year though, when it was time to choose a University or College, he was afraid that a future as an artist was not what he wanted and that he wanted a more technical and, in his opinion at that time, more useful education. Therefore he chose to study fashion design and later costume design for film. This period of 3 years, where he lived in Northern France and in Paris taught him a lot about himself, about his style and personality.

After graduating, Reichert left Paris in disgust of this grey and unfriendly city, to work in the, then, flourishing film business of Luxembourg. He succeeded and worked on a dozen of them, not enjoying the stress of them too much. After the second year, at the same time as there was a big production break, he met his girlfriend who was from Hungary. Together they moved to Spain for her work.

There he suddenly had a lot of time because it took him a long time to find a 'proper' job. That way he started painting again. And to his own astonishment he still enjoyed it as much if not even more than before. In a short time he painted more than in the last few years.

Strangely enough, many of the paintings ended up to include monsters, intentionally or not, maybe as a reminder of his childhood pastime. They are normally not mean, they just look different. Some of the monsters have human faces, but they just hide their real nature. Most of the time, the colours are very bright, but seldom pure. Pit enjoys lines and constructs the paintings on and around them and now he wants to share his work with more people to see if they can enjoy this bath in colours with monsters as much as he does.

Heptagrama is just his window. Enjoy them.

Pit Reichert's paintings

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