Forgetfulnesses, Drafts and Silences

My shadow's footprints
invent deaf ways
under which a thousand thorns lie
naked remians of what I did not say
obituaries of air birds
muses of forgetfulness
which flood with
the corners
betraying words its destiny

under the skin of water
blind, the heartbeats live
stumbling across the no
after the hidden lips
of mermaids without wings
with which one swims in the wind

I sigh musical eyes
but I don't hear
I just listen
the tic tac of a butterfly's watch
which sleeps in the dawn
lonely witness
of the suicide
of an impossible
that once thought being the owner
of my tears
of the runaway crystal
of my name

may the silence shut up
whispered shoutings sprout
through my soul
drawn in the echo
of a kiss
that resembles a funeral
of mirrors
of paper thought
to be memory
and not verses
nor silences

I don't want to mourn
my memories
but I cannot help it
as you can see the lines
that left unerasable
straps of sadness
drops of salt silver
in my smile

the sea trapped in the shells
and the voice of my shoes
speak the esperanto of the prisoners
drafting always
scratching utopias without knowing
the night steals
but also footprints, waves and dreams
wants to run away in a cloud
espace in a sail until the tomorrow
and die in the blue
betraying the black

last piece of this
puzzle of lies
of forgotten memories
drafts and

© Pablo José Rosales Bendala

Pablo José Rosales Bendala is Spanish, and he took part with this poem of the first Heptagrama poetry contest.

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