Setting up your organization

The third millennium has brought a very interesting challenge for many entrepreneurs: succeed in a world in which competition may come from any other place in the planet, survive against thousands of other people who ear a living doing the same things you do.

Before this, we believe that old-school knowledge about business management may still be helpful, so here you have some basic guidelines:

+ Your organization has needs, and you need to cover them. From scratch, you need a place to work, the necessary tools to carry out the job and also funds to cover the purchase of the raw materials you need to manufacture your product. Even if your organization will just render services, you will always have some needs. Write them down and never forget them.

+ Your organization will need procedures. Your employees will come and work in a certain manner, following certain rules and handing in their job in certain manner. You need to draft and determine these procedures. The most important ones are two: You must determine very clearly both how your employees must deal with your customers and what to do in emergency situations. This way you will avoid many problems.

+ Your organization will need a control system. If you do not have goals for your organization, you will not know what actions to take. If your employees don't feel that you are aware of every thing that is happening while they are working, they will feel they have the "right" to "relax". Set some clear rules for your employees and take part of the process by being the first person following them. Just don't abuse of your position. Your employees will feel better if they have some room for improvisation.

+ Your organization will need customers! How are you going to promote your organization, sell your products and pay salaries if you do not set an strategy? Look for the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your business without being dishonest and without overpricing your services. After that, consider your competition and make some adjustments, but never forget that your best asset is your reputation. Be very careful with it.

+ Sooner or later, you will need to carry out renewals. Your employees may find a better job and leave you; your tools may break down and need replacement or repairing. Put aside some money to cover that.

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