Measure in your business

This should not sound new for you: "The marketing plan didn't work out because it was never applied". What went wrong? Most managers seem to forget that, in the world of business, measurements are an important habit you need to acquire.

Let's say you have a website to make it clear. Ask yourself now how many visits are you receiving every day? Where are they coming from? What web pages are they looking at? How long are they staying on your site? Which pages have they seen? If you cannot give an answer to these questions, how do you expect to improve your website and get more visitors? As you see, measurements are very important.

Now let's talk about your small business (as I am sure most large companies have got their own marketing area dealing with these issues). Your store has daily customers, where do they come from? What are they buying? Are there in need of something you can provide, but you are not supplying yet? Where are they going when they need those products or services? Would they change to buying you if you do the investment? Find out this information and this will help you draft out what you have and what you able to achieve in a short period of time.

From there, you can adjust or completely change your goals, both grow and prevent yourself from going bankrupt. A business that doesn't take measurements, is like an orphan. Abandoned, it will die unless it find someone to take care of it.

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