How many types of art are there?

Art is a personal and cultural phenomenon which now and then motivates some people to express some of their ideas in a variety of shapes and ways. Some people create art to communicate something; others do it to express something; others, to avoid something from being understood but still express it. Motivations are so varied as art itself. Art flows between love and hate, admiration and denouncement, pleasure and pain... you name it, there is art for it and art against it.

What is less difficult to perform is to name how many kinds of Arts there are. Guess what, there are not just seven. Technology in the past two centuries has made art increase, so I thought it would be a good idea to list them here in alphabetical order:

+ Animation, a variant of cinema which basically includes drawn characters
+ Architecture, the art of projecting and designing buildings, and managing space
+ Body art, which uses the human body for expression as canvas, like tattoos or make-up
+ Brief art, made in such a way it will not last long, like fruit sculpture
+ Cinema, the art of creating sensations with recorded movements and dialogues
+ Comic writing, the art of telling an story with drawings and scripts
+ Dance, the art of moving, either with music or without it
+ Digital art, art made with vectors and pixels in a computer
+ Drawing, the art of creating meaningful shapes from nothing, generally on paper
+ Engraving, a variant of sculpture, generally made in smaller items
+ Fractal art, art made from the physical expression of mathematical calculations
+ Gastronomy, which is the art of mixing flavours and causing pleasures with meals
+ Gold-smithery, silver-smithery, and jewellery, the art of creating jewels
+ Graffiti, a recent kind of painting
+ Music, the art of sounds, the art of silences
+ Opera, an art which combines singing, music, and theatre
+ Painting, one of the oldest art known by man, the art of expressing things with colour
+ Photography, the art of capturing a moment in a film or a computer file
+ Poetry, a kind of writing not as focused in stories as in the sensations words and meanings bring
+ Pottery, the art of transforming clay and mud into beautiful recipients
+ Sculpture, the art of giving shape in volumes
+ Singing, the art of human voice, solo or combined
+ Theatre, the art of representing a story before an audience
+ Woodwork, the art of transforming wood into other forms
+ Writing, the art of telling stories only with words

As you see, art varies.

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